My amateur photographer's view on the city of Barcelona

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Barcelona from a hill top

The beautiful Spanish city of Barcelona as seen from a hill nearby. I enjoyed this hike a lot, and have to say the city looks glorious from up there.

November 4, 2009   No Comments

Beggar in Barcelona

This guy was so drunk and so funny. The Skeleton danced pretty well tbh, though. 😉

Beggar in Barcelona

If you do plan on taking a trip to Barcelona, we recommend using the World Traveling Guide!

August 13, 2008   No Comments

What a lovely city…

See background, lol! 😀

(photo is not mine, it’s Pablo‘s – check his blog Digital Pixels here!)

Location: Puerto Olimpico between Icaria en Barceloneta beach.

July 28, 2008   No Comments

A Barcelona Street View

I love the feel of Mediterranean cities like Barcelona — like in this image. Man these people have a great life. 🙂


April 13, 2008   No Comments

Torre Agbar (2)

A second photo of the Agbar tower today. I was very intrigued by this building, and seeing the amount of pics I actually took, I’m sure I have had to be staring at this thing for about half an hour. Magnificent! As always, click to view full size pic!

Torre Agbar Barcelona

Previous pic of this awesome landmark in Barcelona is right here (Agbar Tower (1))

March 6, 2008   No Comments

Agbar Tower (1)

The first photo on this blog is a simple one, a colourful one — and one of the most eye-catching landmarks in Barcelona. Photo taken by yours truly — it’s not a pro shot, but I like it. 🙂

Agbar Tower

March 5, 2008   No Comments