My amateur photographer's view on the city of Barcelona
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Barcelona – The Heart Of Spain

You definitely are a traveler of wonderful taste if you are planning to visit Barcelona located in Spain. Certainly, Barcelona is one of those cities which have plethora of excellence, exquisiteness and elegance.

Barcelona is the city that is famous for its significant history, aesthetic opulence, impressive culture, incredible modernist architectural art work and fabulous monuments, museums and marvelous art galleries; on top of all, a mass of appealing people.

Definitely, you can actually find lots of interesting and attractive things, nevertheless there are the few interesting truths about Barcelona such as, Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia which is located in Comarca and is Spain’s autonomous region. Barcelona has remained the center of attraction of Catalan independence and motivated about its freedom.

Today Barcelona is one of the most economical and cosmopolitan and most lively cities to be counted in the world and also La Rambla is the chief hub for various activities in Barcelona, it is the busy and the iconic street in the center of Barcelona where you can partake and enjoy various finger liking Spanish food at various hotels and restaurants. It is also considered as the most excellent place for shopping. Moreover, Barcelona is also considered as the centre of focus of modernist architecture.